Erectile Dysfunction

We Restore Vitality in Men

At New Vitality Medical, we make men feel and perform better than ever. Our innovative erectile dysfunction treatments in Atlanta, GA inspire confidence, drive, and desire. We provide a comprehensive approach to combatting ED, addressing our patients' unique needs, and getting to the root cause of their issues. If you struggle to get or maintain an erection or your passion is lower than it used to be, our treatments will work to return you to full function. You'll feel healthy and vital during intimacy once again after receiving our proven treatments.
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How Does Erectile Dysfunction Affect Men?

Impotence, or erectile dysfunction (ED), is the partial or complete inability to achieve an erection. Millions of men suffer from it. In the past, ED was attributed to psychological problems, but that belief has changed significantly. Erectile dysfunction is typically caused by physical issues like lack of blood flow to the penis. Many advances have occurred in both the diagnosis and treatment of ED, and treating it is now more comfortable and safer than ever before.
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What ED Treatments Do You Provide?

If you are suffering from ED, we can help. We understand that living a happier and healthier life involves intimacy and being able to perform your best. Our treatments for erectile dysfunction are provided to restore vitality and confidence in men of all ages and health histories. We will tailor your treatments to meet your specific goals and get your passion back. We offer many different treatment options for men with ED, including:

  • Hormone testing and optimization
  • Bimix or Trimix injectable
  • Viagra or Cialis
  • E-Shot
  • Supplements to enhance blood flow

Are You Ready to Be Confident Again?

At New Vitality Medical, we provide a comfortable and accommodating environment where men can be open and honest about their struggles with erectile dysfunction. We understand that men can have difficulty expressing themselves and their problems with ED. Our team puts our patients' needs first by providing personalized care, resulting in a terrific patient experience. We will customize your treatment plans according to your goals and desires. Our treatments will boost your self-esteem and capabilities during intimacy in no time.

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