I started going to New Vitality Medical at the start of menopause. They ran a full panel of blood work and found the areas I was lacking in vitamins & minerals. They customized a rub-on gel with the hormones I needed. Within 30 days of my new regimen, I could feel a huge difference, energy, happiness, and no more night sweats. I've been a patient for over 15 years now and I trust them completely. Allison listens to your needs, follows the blood work, and truly cares about your health and well-being. My brother, sister-in-law, and several friends now go there for the same reasons. Wonderful staff too, I know you will love them!
Debra F.
New Vitality Medical is the best one stop shop for anyone looking to find relief from hormonal imbalance and start feeling better. I got very comprehensive tests and personalized hormonal treatment plan for me that actually works. It saved my life. And now that I finally feel better, I can focus on looking my best as well. They offer micro-needling; skin care and other aesthetic treatments at the price that will not break your bank. Overall, fantastic friendly people in a warm kind atmosphere that truly cares for your wellbeing.
** CHANGED MY LIFE -- PATIENT FOR LIFE! ** New Vitality Medical changed my life. This is the first time I have written such an extensive review for anyone, any service, or any product. I've been excited about writing this review, because I hope that it helps another woman to take the next step and see these ladies. Joanna and Ashley are phenomenal and truly care about helping women, like me at the peak of menopause, feel better and regain your life. I had hormone replacement therapy ~4 weeks ago and I feel like my old self, energized, so much energy that I had to set a reminder to go to bed, because I wasn't tired after working all day and housecleaning. My biggest takeaway? I had felt bad for so long, I forgot what it was like to feel good. Crazy right?
Stacy B.
Ashley Penney is amazing! She takes her time and actually cares about her patients. I trust her wholly. She gives great advice based on the results I am trying to achieve.
Jennifer L.
I have been with Allison for 10 + years. They have a great staff and always speedy service. Whenever you feel tired, I recommend their different IV cocktails. I've had all of them in a very relaxed setting. New Vitality has your needs head to toe.
Heidi C.
I play soccer on Sundays and usually take a day to recover. Now I feel like I didn't even play, my body recovered so quickly. I feel like how I used to feel at the gym when I was young. I have a good amount of energy.
I'm just in love with New Vitality Medical. Ashley has been great every time I come in. I'm still a new client but it feels like I know her long time. You can tell she has tons of knowledge, and the best thing she is not pushy trying to upsell. I did microneedling treatment and Dysport, and love it all. I'm now excited to try for the first-time facial filler. The spa is super nice and clean and the staff is always welcome.
Priscila C.
I see Allison Cochran at New Vitality. She's sensational! She has so much knowledge and expertise in the field of health and wellness. Actually, she's helped me survive some very scary health issues in the past! I trust her implicitly and value her advice. She's very sweet and a good conversationalist. I always enjoy my appointments with her. If you're considering bioidentical hormone replacement, she's the best!
My experience with New Vitality Medical has been amazing! Ashley really spends quality time with you to ensure you are getting great personalized care. She is so kind and knowledgeable. The other women that work there (Joanna and Allison) are always very welcoming and kind as well. If you decide to become a patient at New Vitality, you will be in good hands. Thank you ladies!
Katherine S.
I have been seeing Allison for many years for my BHRT and Anti-Aging care. I was hesitant to get stem cells in my knees because I was skeptical if it would really be effective for me or not. However, I knew I did not want surgery. Just a few weeks after my knee injections with Allison I went to Disney World with my grandkids. I walked for miles every day with NO pain!

My hormones are now balanced and I have seen improvements in my overall health because of that fact. I have been able to lose weight again, my skin has cleared up, I have more energy, my sex drive has improved, and I simply feel better.

I have grown to trust Allison and her expertise. She is extremely intelligent and talented, and she cares about her patients. She is always responsive, and I feel like I am being taken care of personally. Allison focuses in on my needs and makes me feel like I am her only patient. That kind of service, attention to detail, and caring will keep me coming back to New Vitality Medical. I would highly recommend New Vitality Medical and I have already recommended you all to several of my friends.

I want people to know how dedicated Allison is to her patients and how caring she is. If I come to her with an issue, or question, via email or in person, she responds very quickly. I find her brilliant, dedicated and caring.

The office staff is quick to respond when I need supplements, hormones or prescriptions. Everyone is so nice when I come in, and they greet me by name. You are never just a number here, you are a patient and the staff makes you feel like they are so happy to see you.

Allison has helped me balance my hormones which were unbalanced due to my ovarian cysts. When my hormones were out of balance, I was lethargic, my skin was a mess, I could not lose weight, and I generally felt bad every day. Allison balanced my hormones and kept me from forming more cysts. She suggested medicines and supplements to get me back to a healthy, energetic state. I came to her again when I started menopause. She started me on bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, and I have not had to experience weight gain, hot flashes, or any other menopausal symptoms. Allison is not only a brilliant physician’s assistant, but she cares about her patients, as do the doctors and office staff at New Vitality Medical. I would highly recommend this team of professionals.

Sharon N.
I recently received a Stem Cell IV and Stem Cell muscle injections from New Vitality Medical. I decided to engage with New Vitality after trying numerous alternative healing treatments for torn rotator cuff injuries. After a year of trying massage, needling, and other treatments, stem cells were the likely next alternative. Within two days from the injections, I have had no pain whatsoever. This has been a welcome and positive outcome after a year of painful muscles and shoulders. The ladies at New Vitality are professional and friendly. I highly recommend this treatment for anyone in need of a ’next-level’ pain management solution.

Restless nights, hot flashes, mood swings, weight gain, and libido as dead as the egg factory itself! The feared word of middle age womanhood no longer need be an accepted fact of life! I FEEL GREAT!

After 2 years of education, supplementation based on confirmed lab results, and the warm, caring professionalism of Allison Cochran, my trusted health provider and “friend”… I FEEL GREAT!

Don’t enter the “golden years” without all you need to make it fabulous!! Allison can help!!

Debbie H.

After a few weeks of treatment my supplements and medications have really kicked in. I noticed much improved sleep. I noticed substantial improvement in my libido! My husband has already seen his doctor to get some help!!!!!

Honestly, I feel better than I have in years and didn’t realize I didn’t feel 100%. Just like with sex- I thought once every other month was ok for somebody 72 and 63. I think I had gradually settled into a lifestyle that I accepted as normal until I found out there was so much more to be enjoyed. I thought my general energy level was pretty good until all of sudden I had MORE energy. What I thought was “standard or normal” all of a sudden was not. So much more life to live!

Jane N.
I became a patient at New Vitality Medical several months ago. I was experiencing extreme fatigue, erectile dysfunction, and depression. After several weeks on the program, I noticed dramatic improvements in these areas. I felt better than I had in 20 years. Sometimes you just get used to feeling badly and it becomes “normal”. I am very appreciative of the custom care I am receiving from the providers at New Vitality. It has changed my life!
Adam T.

I am a pilot for a commercial airline. This is a very high-stress and demanding job. Since starting the program at New Vitality Medical I’ve found that I have much more energy and stamina, I sleep like a baby, and I am in better physical shape than I ever have been. I have more energy and focus than the 30-year-old pilots that I work with. They all want to know what I am doing.

I highly recommend the medical staff at New Vitality. They actually care and listen and are very personable. They have extensive experience and knowledge in hormones and anti-aging, and that makes me feel like I am in very good hands.

Johnathan C.
Ashley is the best! She has always done a phenomenal job on my Botox and filler! She is super sweet and I can count on her to have me feeling confident. I am more than happy with her work. Highly recommend New Vitality! 👍🏻🤗
Tori A.
My experience at New Vitality Medical has been stellar in every way. The staff is always friendly, accommodating, and super helpful. Working with Allison and her level of knowledge and professionalism has been very refreshing. And most importantly, I’m super satisfied with the results I’m getting!
Teresa W.
Since starting at New Vitality, I have seen dramatic improvements in energy levels, sleep, and my mood. I recommend New Vitality to all of my friends.
Kathy F.

Since being patients at New Vitality, my husband and I have seen continued improvement in both our health. The bio-identical hormones have made life easier to bear again! We both sleep better, have more energy, are not as anxious or angry all the time (lol)…with our supplements, our whole foods and the program that Allison directs for us, we are improving more each day. So thankful to have her take care of us!

I met Allison at Dr. Paunesky’s office, when Dr. P got sick. When she passed away, they replaced her, but I had reservations about the replacement doctor and left the practice. I always saw Allison for my hormonal needs there and I was a total mess, when we first met. Allison had such a calming manner and told me that she could help me and she did! My hormones were far off balance, for sure. I was in active menopause and felt like my life was slipping away…I needed help and fast!

I highly recommend Allison. She listens! Allison is a very intelligent, compassionate and willing PA. I am very impressed by her manners and how she asks the right questions…she makes us feel at home, too. Allison KNOWS her stuff in this field. I research health (for us) and she states exactly what I also find to be true. She is observant and always answers emails promptly if we need refills or help…we think the world of that young lady! She is what the medical industry should model themselves after! True healing and restoration, not masking symptoms with band aids, pills or potions!

Many people think it costs too much to take the bio hormones, so they remain sick and out of whack. And they tend to spend money on fancy cures, which do not work, when they could have come here and gotten the help that they need! I am constantly telling people where we go and how good we feel now.

Debra R.
I love New Vitality! I went there for my first SculpSure treatment and I plan on doing a second soon. I've also done IV infusions there as well. The staff is wonderful and they always have the latest technology. I highly recommend coming to this office to feel and look better about yourself. Thank you for providing me with such a pleasant experience each time that I visit!
Megan P.
Ashley did an amazing job! She had me in and out very quickly and was super friendly and very knowledgeable about the product.
Brittany L.
I’ve been coming here for my weekly B12/B Complex shots for a year or so, and have since gotten my mom to come here weekly as well for the last 6 months. New Vitality is one of the few places that offers the methyl version of the B12 injection, which is easier for the body to absorb compared to other cheaper cyano version. I’ve learned so much from the nurses here about the types of B12 injections, how the body breaks it down, and a slew of other great info as I was trying to get my health back in order after a bunch of mysterious symptoms doctors couldn’t figure out. Aside from B12 injections, I know they offer a lot of other cosmetic and functional medicine services. I can’t say enough about New Vitality - everyone that works here are so friendly, professional, and knowledgeable.
Cynthia S.
Great experience. Amazing results. Thorough testing and review with Allison. Highly recommend.
Tiffany M.
Ashley was amazing to work with. She is professional and my results were just what I was hoping for!
Casey L.
I couldn’t be happier with my experience with New Vitality. Always professional, friendly, and thorough.
Dawn P.
I’ve been a regular (weekly B12/Lipo shots, occasional IV infusions) patient of theirs for quite some time now. More than once, their B-complex shot got me up and running just when I felt like I was coming down with a cold or something. Recently I’ve also got dermal fillers there and the results are better than I have ever experienced anywhere else. Ashley is truly an artist! The entire team from front desk to each practitioner have always been kind, friendly and super helpful. I’ve tried multiple locations in Alpharetta and Johns Creek area prior to finding them and New Vitality is by far the best one I found.
*Individual results may vary