Jade Membership

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VIP Membership

Jade is known as the royal gem. It is admired as a stone of love, beauty, inner peace, harmony, balance, and healing.

Becoming a Jade Member gives you VIP prices and VIP access on all aesthetic services and skin care at all times.

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Jade $149/month Gives You VIP Access To:

Botox discounted $12/unit
(original cost $14 per unit)

Dysport $5/unit
(original cost $6 per unit)

Daxxify $9/unit
(original cost $10.50 per unit)

Filler $50 off per syringe

Complimentary Monthly B-12 injection
(original cost $20 per shot)
Upgrade available*

Choose (1) Complimentary Treatment Monthly:

Carbon Laser Peel "Hollywood Facial"
Perfect Peel
Ems Body Sculpting
RF Microneedling
Myers' Cocktail - Nutrient IV

15% OFF Professional Skin Care Products
Complimentary skincare analysis with our expert medical provider

20% OFF Any Aesthetic Packages
Ems Body Sculpting
RF Microneedling
Carbon Laser Peel
PRP/ Vampire Facial

Vaginal Rejuvenation Package
$500 OFF ThermiVa

Receive Comprehensive Lab Testing for $199 for New BHRT / Anti-Aging Patients Only

Includes over 80 blood tests.

In-depth hormone testing, thyroid, adrenals, vitamins, sugar levels, cholesterol profile, inflammation markers, cancer markers, blood counts, heart disease markers, kidney and liver profile, and more.

After we receive your blood work, you will have a complimentary one on one meeting with one of our Hormone Specialized Providers to review results and customize a plan specifically for you.

No contract required, minimum 3 months with 30-day cancellation policy.
Payment will be run on the 1st of every month EFT.
Any unused B12 injections or complimentary services do not accrue.
*You may add on Lipo or Glutathione to any injection for $10 per shot.

Get Started for Only $199

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