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New Vitality Medical renews men's and women's skin tone and complexion and makes them look younger. We offer facials & peels in Atlanta, GA to rejuvenate the skin and instill confidence in our patients. Our peels exfoliate and cleanse deeply, ensuring a brighter appearance. We treat our patients to concierge-style care and personalized solutions tailored to their precise needs. Our providers will work with you to devise a skin health and beauty plan that covers your short and long-term skincare.
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VI Peel

A VI peel is a medium-length chemical peel that penetrates the epidermis to reach underneath it to stimulate proteins in the skin. It treats the signs of aging by exfoliating the skin. It is an extremely gentle and comfortable treatment that can be used to smooth the face and eyelids. It is suitable for all skin tones, types, and textures. It treats melasma and hyperpigmentation and reduces scarring. The VI peel can be combined with neurotoxin injections to reverse and minimize signs of aging.


ToxBooster® merges the traditional VI peel with Botox® injections. The VI peel is used to exfoliate the skin, while the Botox® smoothens brow lines, forehead lines, and crow's feet. Botox® reduces skin and muscle activity and prohibits the muscles from contracting. The neurotoxins will stop more wrinkles from occurring, and the VI peel will eliminate existing wrinkles. This powerful combination is used to stimulate cellular turnover and provide patients with a bright complexion.
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Carbon Laser Peel

Also known as the Hollywood peel, the carbon laser peel is a quick and pain-free procedure that significantly improves the skin's appearance and feel. It is recommended for patients with excessive oil or acne or oversized pores. You'll experience the following after receiving your carbon laser peel:

  • Skin purification and deep cleaning
  • Tightened pores and smaller pore size
  • Enhanced skin texture, tone, and brightness
  • Boosted collagen production
  • Minimal acne and eliminated scars
  • No downtime or pain

Perfect Peel

A perfect peel comprises Glutathione and a diverse mix of acids, antioxidants, and peptides that penetrate deeply to exfoliate the skin thoroughly. It is highly effective for patients whose skin has been damaged by the sun and who want to eliminate their fine lines and wrinkles. The perfect peel can erase facial scarring, balance skin tone, and reduce pore size. Results can last between three and six months, depending on your level of treatment.

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